Use pCloud to Complement Google Drive

It is safe to say that almost everyone knows of, or is intimately familiar with, #GoogleDrive and the #Sync tool. For whatever reasons, #Linux users and #WindowsPhone users have had to resort to third-party apps to sync their Google Drive with their computer's local storage device. I understand that, for Linux users, the free app #Grive was updated in 2015, and the paid #Insync app is also an option.

Here is another option to consider. In addition to Google Drive, I have been using #pCloud on a limited basis for file storage and transfers. pCloud is relatively new, and the service has grown and expanded. It offers free and paid storage (just like Google Drive), secure file transfer and sharing by link or authorized user (just like Google Drive), is browser-accessible (just like Google Drive), and has apps for Windows PC, Apple iOS, and Android devices (just like Google Drive). Here are a some differentiators:

Google Drive:

  • Google Drive has the free Google suite of productivity apps. (For some, this is a HUGE differentiator).
  • File size limitations. A/V files, in particular, could be an issue. I have personally had problems using a link to share for dowload zipped A/V file sets of substantial size with others who do not have owner status for the shared file in question. Beyond sharing, there are other limitations.


  • pCloud's #DriveSync works with Linux!
  • pCloud Transfer is a companion service for free large file transfers that provides the sender tracking information and notification via email (this is why I found pCloud in the first place).
  • pCloud indicates they have no file size limits.
If Linux tablet-desktop convergence is successful and expands, pCloud's Drive Sync could become quite useful in certain situations, such as for on-the-go #LibreOffice users. Google might do well to take note.

This is just a brief treatment of both products. I intend to expand my use of pCloud to complement my Google Drive.

Here are some links you may find interesting:

pCloud is certainly not the only other cloud service out there. For instance, Box and DropBox have been around for quite awhile.

I'm going to post a link to this article on my Google+ and Twitter accounts (for search, I'll add the tag "#LKJCPA_article"). Please let me know your experience with pCloud or any similar cloud service that can be used to complement Google Drive.