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CPE Toolbox

CPE Toolbox is a product of L. Keith Jordan, CPA. Copyright 2009-2011. All rights reserved.

The design of the CPE Toolbox workbook and its worksheets, and the name "CPE Toolbox" are protected under the laws of the United States.


Licensee - A person or other legal entity that has paid the license fee for the current period. Examples include, but are not limited to, publishers; authors; and freelance technical editors who wish to use the product under their own license.

Unlimited User License - The license to use the product extends to ALL AUTHORIZED Users of the Licensee.

OEM - L. Keith Jordan, CPA, and any owners, affiliates, assigns, successors, etc., individually and collectively.

Product - CPE Toolbox workbook and its worksheets.

TUA - Terms of Use Agreement. This agreement to use the product (also referred to as "Agreement").

User - A person using the product under the Licensee's authority (also referred to as "You", including any derivative forms). Examples include, but are not limited to, authors; a publisher's technical editor staff; and freelance technical editors authorized by a publisher to use the product under its license for a particular job.


OEM makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning this product, including that of merchantability or fitness of use for intended purpose.


Your use of the product indicates your agreement to be bound by the TUA. This Agreement is subject to change without notice. The User is responsible for knowing and complying with the most current version of the TUA.

The User may add worksheets to the workbook as needed and delete any worksheets not added by the OEM. The User will affix "CPET" as the first four characters of the filename given to the workbook to indicate that this is a CPE Toolbox product.

The User will not delete CPE Toolbox worksheets from the workbook or change their order and location in the workbook, except that worksheets related to time management (Log Summary, Log Detail, etc.) may be maintained internally by the User and deleted from the copy of the workbook sent to the publisher or others (depending on the sender's arrangement with the recipient).

The User may not change the "About" worksheet, but may modify other worksheets as needed subject to the TUA. The User will not deconstruct, decompile, reverse engineer, or modify the workbook or any code it contains, or employ other techniques concerning the product in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage or for any other reason.


If the User or Licensee no longer agrees to abide by the TUA, the User or Licensee will immediately cease all use of the product and contact the Licensee or OEM, respectively, for further instructions. If the OEM terminates this Agreement with a User or Licensee for any reason, the User or Licensee will immediately cease all use of product and contact the Licensee or OEM, respectively, for further instructions.

Cancellation of this Agreement between OEM and Licensee requires a notice in writing (with confirmation of receipt; email is acceptable) by the party initiating the cancellation and is effective as of the end of the month of written notification. Any amounts paid by the Licensee and remaining unused after the month of cancellation (see above) will be refunded by OEM. Partial months will not be refunded. Constructive delivery of refund will be made within the month following cancellation.


Licensee will supply OEM with valid contact information and notify OEM in writing (with confirmation of receipt; email is acceptable) of any changes to this information. Licensee is responsible for any taxes applicable to the subscription purchase and use of this product.

OEM will supply Licensee with access to the product once Licensee's payment has been confirmed, using the contact information supplied by Licensee. OEM will make a good faith effort to provide such access in a timely and consistent manner, but is not responsible for failure to do so, whether or not because of circumstances beyond OEM's control.

Users are encouraged to submit constructive feedback concerning the product but User understands and agrees that any and all feedback, suggestions, etc. submitted to OEM will be the sole property of OEM, without compensation of any sort to User, to be used as OEM sees fit.

User agrees to hold OEM harmless and indemnify OEM against any and all claims arising from the use of this product, whether from defect, misuse, or otherwise. All claims will be settled by an arbitrator chosen by OEM and User (or Licensee) to be paid for at User's (or Licensee's) expense.

Legal jurisdiction is Orange County, Texas. Should any portion of the Agreement be severed for legal cause, the remaining portions of the Agreement will remain in full force and effect. Should any legal liability be found on the part of the OEM, such liability shall be limited to the lower of $1 or the lowest amount legally applicable. Any deviations from this Agreement will not be considered to establish precedent and will in no way prejudice or preclude OEM's rights and remedies under applicable law and this Agreement.